Frequently asked questions about English tutoring

What is tutoring and is it worth it? Join us as we delve into the commonly asked questions when it comes to tutoring.

1. What is tutoring?

Tutoring is a personalised educational support service designed to enhance a student's understanding and mastery of academic subjects. It involves a one-on-one or small group setting where a knowledgeable individual, known as a tutor, provides guidance, clarification, resources and additional insights to help students excel in their studies.

When it comes to English tutoring, especially for high school students preparing for the Higher School Certificate (HSC), the focus extends beyond conventional classroom learning. English tutoring in this context is tailored to address the specific challenges and requirements of the HSC curriculum. It aims to refine language skills, literary analysis, and critical thinking, ensuring students are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of English examinations.

2. Does tutoring actually help? 

Tutoring ‘working out’ depends on a lot of factors. Each student is different, and each tutor has different experiences and teaching styles. That’s why it is important to find tuition that is aligned to your expectations for lessons! 

For tutoring to help, tutors need to have sufficient ‘hard skills’ in the form of experience, and ‘soft skills’ in the form of rapport and a strong relationship with students. In turn, students need to have an attitude of learning and enter the lesson with a desire to succeed. Tutors can help motivate students in these aspects to ensure a fulfilling experience in class. 

3. Is my child going to like the tutoring lessons? 

Students' liking of tutoring lessons depends on the way they perceive it. If they can see that lessons are a safe space for them to bounce ideas, be vulnerable and learn well, then they will enjoy tutoring lessons greatly! It also depends on the tutor’s ability to facilitate this relationship. Tutors should aim to get to know students holistically, and not just the education but also who the students are. From this genuine appreciation of the student’s life, students can feel empowered to try their best!

4. Is tutoring needed to do well in class? 

Some students do not need any tutoring to excel in class. However, the mass majority can benefit from tutoring. This is because tutors have years of educational experience under their belt, as well as lived experiences from their time in high school. Just having the presence of a role model in a safe space alone can greatly change a student’s approach to education! 

5. Can tutoring help unmotivated and ‘lazy’ students? 

A lack of motivation and ‘laziness’ does not come from purely the character of students. What is seen most often is that students do not have access to the right tools and support networks, and hence have to spend much more energy to achieve the same standard as another student. Hence, it can be said that not having motivation and ‘laziness’ is a result of not having the right learning tailored to the student, instead of a flaw in their character!

6. How do I know if the student can get a Band 6? 

A Band 6 comes about through constant revision and drafts of student work. It reflects great effort on the student to achieve a high standard of work. There is no guarantee that any student can get a Band 6. However, getting experienced and motivated tutors to share their wealth of knowledge to students does wonders in assisting in this journey!

7. Why is the cost so steep? 

Tutors do not just work inside the classroom. They think of their students outside of class, and spend time, critical thinking and love planning what will be achieved in the lesson. The experience inside the classroom is also a crystallisation of all the tutors' experiences broken down into digestible, personalised teaching plans. This demands a lot of energy from tutors that is well paid off when the student has their ‘Aha!’ moment!

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