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Our tutors have achieved the highest mark across the state, completing their studies in the last 1-3 years, making them experts on what your child needs to achieve the same result.

Intensive Theory Classes

Our 10 x 1 hour intensive theory classes each term are designed to teach you all the content you need to excel in each module.

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State Ranking Course Materials

Our material is co-authored by multiple state-rankers and will equip you with complete understanding of how to excel in this text. Learn exactly what you need to craft a top scoring essay and save time trying to find your own quotes to argue a specific theme or idea.

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1:1's and Essay Marking

Receive personalised guidance on your assessments by booking in 1:1's and submitting your essays in advance. Essay and creative writing marking at Concept is extremely in depth, providing you with line by line comments and edits directly on your work.

* Essay marking and 1:1's must be booked in addition to a class enrolment.
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Tanisha Chadha
Great way to open up the story!
Tanisha Chadha
Beautiful olfactory and auditory imagery for the reader
Tanisha Chadha
Good use of emotive language 'fend to himself'

Year 9 & 10 English Pricing

Private Tutoring
1:1 lessons tailored to you
What You'll Receive
10x one on one weekly sessions
State-ranking course material
Access to our course booklets
Access to a google drive of resources
Group Tutoring
Join sessions of 3-5 students
What You'll Receive
10x weekly classes
State-ranking course material
Access to our course booklets
Access to a google drive of resources
Access to lesson recordings

Course Structure

10 weekly engaging lessons and tutorials per term.

Example Termly Content

Week 1
Introduction into the Foundations of English: Investigating the connection between form, concept and device and developing student's appreciation of the integrity within texts.
Week 2
Developing comprehension skills: Unpacking the structure of short answer responses and the tips and tricks to scoring full marks on short answer questions
Week 3
Translating comprehension theory into practice: Analyzing a range of unseen texts of diverse form and media and synthesising analysis to various questions.
Week 4
Continued analysis of unseen texts to consolidating the theory learnt. Exposure to more complex, abstract and sophisticated literature.
Week 5
Creative Writing Theory: Breaking down the form of the imaginative and the key elements of a successful creative story from the conceptual framework through to a consideration of the technical and linguistic aspects of one's craft.
Week 6
Continued breakdown of Creative Writing: Learning from the exemplars
Week 7
Discursive Writing: What is it? Breaking down the form of the discursive, its structure and objective. Dissecting the exemplars.
Week 8
Persuasive Writing: What is it? Breaking down the form of the persuasive, its structure and objective. Dissecting the exemplars.
Week 9
Essay writing breakdown: deconstructing thesis, examining the structure of traditional and comparative essays and analyzing exemplary responses. Introduction to senior essay writing and building foundational skills for appraisal of one's responses.
Week 10
Reflection statements: Examine the form of reflection writing (the structure, tone, style and key points). Focus on developing the student's awareness of the importance of being aware of one's craft and how meaning is shaped deliberately through writing.
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