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State Ranking Criteria

This tool was designed by NSW State Rankers to give students a unique insight into their essay marking. The tool has been refined by you team to ensure we deliver accurate scoring, feedback, and recommendations. This tool has been adopted by top schools in NSW for English Advanced essay marking.

Instant Feedback

Concept's Essay Marking tool delivers instantaneous essay feedback. We have designed a cutting edge AI tool to help you achiever a 20/20 essay without needing to submit countless essays to your teacher and wait for long turn arounds in marking.
Our tool delivers school approves marking and recommendations within 60 seconds.

Actionable Recommendations

The Essay Marking tool gives students detailed insights, feedback, and recommendations on their essay as if a State Ranker were marking it. The marking is closely assessed to be inline with the NESA marking criteria and focused on language, conceptual analysis and originality.

Personalised to HSC
English Content

Our Essay Marker is designed specifically for HSC English students by the Top 1% of HSC English Advanced and Extension Graduates with years of essay marking experience. This is trusted tool and proven to take our students to 20/20 English essays in the 2023 HSC.

How it works

Upload, check, and correct unlimited essays

1. Upload and Submit your essay

2. The essay marker will process your document (taking it through state ranking feedback)

3. See the score for your Essay, unlock feedback and recommendations

4. Resubmit your essay to see improvements

What Our Tutors Say

“I'm thoroughly impressed with Concept's Essay Marker! It evaluates my children's essays with remarkable precision—mirroring my own standards. When we used it for their HSC essays, the feedback from official HSC markers was strikingly similar, and the scores were perfectly aligned with their grading system. This tool has proven to be reliable and effective, and I highly recommend it to all students, not just in NSW but nationwide.”

NSW State Ranker (18th)

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