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Our HSC english tutors have achieved the highest marks across the state, completing their studies in the last 1-3 years, making them experts on what your child needs to achieve the same result. Our team is not only known for its exceptional service, but also our dedication and genuine care for our students.

Intensive Theory Classes

Concept HSC classes are intensive, text-specific lessons which teach you the conceptual theory and exam technique that have led past students to achieve an upper Band 6 and State Rank in HSC English Advanced. These classes are offered both in a private and group environment.

Our tutors are specialised in the texts they teach, making each session a masterclass for the respective module. Our text-specific classes have been one of the most effective classes for our HSC students historically.

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HSC tutoring study resources

State Ranking Course Materials

Our material is co-authored by multiple State-Rankers and will equip HSC students with complete understanding of how to excel in this text. Learn exactly what you need to craft a top scoring essay and save time trying to find your own quotes to support a specific theme or idea.

Students enrolled with Concept have access to all our State Ranking booklets, as well as 20/20 Essays and module work completed by our previous students and tutors. This has given our students an unfair advantage for the HSC English exams and assessments.

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Advanced HSC english course material

Essay Marking & 24/7 Email Support

Receive personalised guidance on your year 12 internal HSC assessments by booking in 1:1's and submitting your essays in advance. Essay marking at Concept is extremely in depth, providing you with line by line feedback and edits directly on your work.

Each Concept student can send their work for review each term, as well as submit ideas and paragraphs to their tutor via email on a weekly basis prior classes.

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Personalised essay marking and tutoring
Ella Bradford
The hook could be made more specific to answer the question
Ella Bradford
Good use of contrarian language to make comparison
Ella Bradford
Great concluding statement that wraps up your thesis!

HSC Tutoring Packages - Year 11 & 12

Private Tutoring
1:1 lessons tailored to you
What You'll Receive
10x one on one weekly sessions
2x free essay marking credits
State-ranking course material
Access to our course booklets
Access to a google drive of resources
* Fee’s may differ depending on allocation to Tier 1 or 2 Tutors
Group Tutoring
Join sessions of 3-5 students
What You'll Receive
10x weekly classes
2x additional private lesson credits
2x free essay marking credits
State-ranking course material
Access to our course booklets
Access to a google drive of resources
Access to lesson recordings
* Fee’s may differ depending on allocation to Tier 1 or 2 Tutors

HSC English Tutoring Course Structure

10 weekly engaging lessons and tutorials per term.

Yearly Content

Term 1
Our module-specific Reading to Write classes aim to enrich students with their understanding and confidence in their analytical and expressive skills, empowering them to navigate and utilize language as a tool to construct arguments, question their world and destabilize structure. In this course, students will be provided with numerous learning opportunities to engage with a variety of text types that are rich in their use of techniques and which delve into powerful ideas about culture, morality, time and humanity. Moreover, students will be expected to compose numerous works of their own (both creative and analytical).
Term 2
Our term 2 course offers opportunities for students to thoroughly engage with and examine the role that context plays in shaping a composer's representation of meaning within their text, specifically the attitudes, beliefs, assumptions and morals held within a particular culture or historical era. This will entail investigation into the events, thought processes and socio-cultural temperaments governing a a given era and its collective consciousness. Students will then examine how these texts manifest as engines that carry considerable power to influence the societies that humans inhabit both past and present. That is, we invite students to consider the role of storytelling and narratives throughout time as potent vessels that influence the cultural, political, social, ideological and paradigmatic spheres rotating around within various parts of the world.
Term 3
Our module-specific Critical Study of Literature classes challenge students to consider the relationship between form, context and meaning and how this assists composers in representing their key ideas. This module teaches students the importance of textual integrity and how this textual feature enables literary works to have their timeless quality. Students will be empowered to engage critically with a specific text and are expected to know the scholarly discourse surrounding a text of literary significance to inform their own opinion of what the purpose of the text is. This preliminary module borrows directly from Module B in the year 12 English course, so our program is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge required to flourish in the HSC.

Example Termly Content (1984)

Week 1
In-depth breakdown of common module rubric, and an introduction into Orwell’s text and purpose.
Week 2
In-depth overview of context, thematic overviews of key themes, and how you can apply this into your essay.
Week 3
In-depth breakdown of key themes and essay arguments, including the frameworks for 20/20 essays.
Week 4
Further breakdown of key themes and essay arguments, looking at in-depth textual analysis
Week 5
Continued breakdown of key themes and workshopping through the text with textual analysis
Week 6
Applying the knowledge of themes into an essay format, and how to approach multimedia assignments
Week 7
Workshopping through exam and assessment questions for students’ term 1 assessments, and breaking down full mark and state rank sample essays.
Week 8
How to approach essay questions and exam technique, including how to adapt generic essay to exam questions.
Week 9
How to approach paper 1 including the comprehension section and in-class practice, along wit further 1984 question practice.
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