How can personalised learning help my child?

Our children all have their own likes, personalities and styles. So why does our schooling system teach them as if they’re the same? And how can us parents empower our children through personalised learning?

Many children fail in later years of schooling due to disengagement. A 2017 Grattan Institute report found as many as 40% are unproductive in a given year because they are disengaged. This is concerning, as disengagement leads to problems with learning, attendance and even dropping out. 

Personalised learning is a solution to this problem, yet not all parents have invested in this solution for their children. This method of learning takes into account the learning style of children, allowing a flexibility that motivates student learning. Here are the top 3 reasons why it works: 

1. Learning that sees the student as an individual

In a classroom environment, the teacher can not engage with every single student meaningfully. With their resources spread thin, they must triage and try to find a balance between every student. Whilst this is understandable, it leaves room for students to miss concepts and make mistakes. 

However, personalised learning engages with this problem through one-on-one tuition. A student afraid to speak up in a room of 30 people will not have the same problem when they alone have the tutor’s full attention. This allows for all the questions, concerns and needs of the student to be expressed, allowing them to learn the way they are. 

2. Encourages students to be responsible for their own learning 

Another problem with the conventional schooling system is that students often feel like they’ve been left behind by school. Their learning is not tailored, and not enough resources are given to them. This makes the student feel irresponsible and lazy, and this self-fulfilling prophecy eventually comes true. 

In private tuition, this issue is reduced drastically. When the whole lesson is focused on them, the student has no choice but to realise that they are the only one in full control of their learning. Empowered by their tutor, they are more able to take control of their education compared to a classroom environment.

3. Valuable experiences can be shared 

It is not often that students can feel that their experiences are felt by teachers at school. Supporting a class of 30 students, it is clear how a teacher can fail to meet this emotional need of growing teenagers. The feeling of wanting a role model during a difficult time in life, is it not something we yearn for during our formative high school years? 

In private tutoring, the focus is primarily on the students' education. But whenever relevant, students can always feel safe in sharing their concerns with their life. “What job should I do?”, “Which university should I go to?”, or “How do I deal with this difficult problem at school?”. Having that safe space and role model to talk to in a personalised learning environment is a precious experience that should not be overlooked. 

Want to discuss the next step to giving your child the personalised learning they deserve? Reach out to Concept - we're always happy to help!

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