Should I be studying during the holidays?

So as the holidays approach for our new year 12 students, you may be wondering ‘Do I have to study during the holidays?’ While studying during the holidays may seem like a daunting task, it is the most invaluable resource for HSC preparation. Preparing during the holidays will reduce stress in the long term. Remember, the HSC is a marathon!

1. Try and keep a routine

Humans are creatures of habit, so keeping a routine during the holidays will enable you to get the most out of the time you have. Waking up early (or semi-early) will give you more time to study in the morning, and then more time to have a break in the afternoon. Avoiding relying solely on your motivation to study, by setting up a schedule. This will enable more time for both studying and breaks, rather than pointless procrastination. Imagine the confidence boost when at midnight you have already studied for 2 hours while your friends are still in bed!

2. Study socially

Throughout the HSC your local library or perhaps even the state library will become your home. Why not get ahead of the trend, and set up camp in the library during the holidays? Social studying is an excellent way to bond with friends over the ‘human experience’ that is the HSC. Seeing others motivated in a social setting equally has a knock-on effect. While social studying is a great way to study, it's best to do it in a lower-stress time period, such as the holidays, so get a group of friends together and take over a library!

3. Figure out what you do and do NOT know

The holidays are a perfect time to create questions for tutors and teachers. While creating

questions might seem counterintuitive it gives us an understanding of gaps in our learning

Start by brainstorming your common module text, context, and rubric and developing ideas for essays and questions. It’s a perfect time to expand your understanding of both the common mod, work with a concept tutor to create some practice essays, and pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. The holidays are also the perfect time to get ahead, look at Mod A and B rubrics and always read your prescribed texts!

Studying during the holidays does not have to be a bore; grab some snacks and your closest friends and just take it one bite-sized bit at a time!

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